Drain Cleaning

Where Drain Cleaning Is Needed

Your home has a wide variety of drains which are susceptible to clogging from daily use. Here is a detailed look at where you may require drain cleaning to restore proper flow. 

  • KITCHENS- Kitchen sinks are a high traffic area which see large volumes of soap and food that can accumulate and cause backup and slow draining. If there is a garbage disposal in your sink there is a high chance for clogs from items being put down the disposal that essentially should not go down the drain, IE fibrous vegetables, grease, coffee grounds, etc. 
  • TOILETS- While human waste and toilet paper may disintegrate and move throughout the drainage an sewer line smoothly, other products like feminine products, facial tissues, and wipes can clog the drain and prevent the toilet from properly operating. 
  • BATHTUB/SHOWERS- Hair and soa build up are the main cause fro backup in bathtub and shower drains and could cause an odor to form or slow draining. 
  • FLOOR DRAINS- a floor drains purpose is to help prevent flooding in basements, patios, garages, and laundry rooms. Over time these drains can build up debris which will clog up the traps, which these traps should be filled with water which serves as a seal to catch any odors that may come up from the sewer, if you get a unpleasant aroma or build up of water around these drains that may be the first sign that these drains need attention and professional cleaning. 


              Although many supermarkets may sell drain cleaning products these products are not always the best option because they could cause damage to the existing drainage, espicailly if you live in an older home. You can avoid any secondary damage by contacting Thompson's Plumbing Sewer & Drain service and we will fix your issue in a timely manner.